Custom Design

Royal Custom Cabinets (RCC) will help you to discover your dreams. Our custom cabinetry design is tailored to your vision, desires, and wish list. Tell us what you want to see in your home and RCC will create it. It is that simple! RCC’s design philosophy embraces all design concepts and possibilities. Why choose RCC? Because with RCC, you do not have to settle for ready-made cabinetry. RCC will create the cabinetry you really want.

Our design team will:

      • listen to identify the custom design you have in mind. You are the most important part of the customization process. Our design team will listen to you to understand what you desire for your space. From drafting paper to finished design, RCC is committed to incorporating your ideas and design wishes into the final product.
      • help you fulfill your dream. Using state-of-the-art technologies, like AutoCAD and Microvellum. With the Microvellum program, our team can create a 3D image of your actual design concept in true-to-life form. This process will inspire you to visualize and create your new space.
      • implement your dream. With precision and pointed craftsmanship, our team will work closely with you through each phase to build your dream space.
      • help you to go further. The design possibilities are limitless. Each kitchen design is unique and tailored to meet your special tastes, look, and feel.